I read the whole thing in less than a week and because of that I barely remember anything that happened :/

Minatsuki Takami is my role model.

I bet Shiro’s purple outfit would look amazing in the anime.

I’m aware that to make the anime work they had to cut a lot of arcs and characters, and I don’t really mind it. It works, but I really wish they had kept Chaplin. I just really love her.

(Admin Note: Actually, the Funimation studio censored her because they believed her to be “offensive” and “inappropriate” because she was a transsexual. Transphobic assholes.)

My day was made when I saw a Shiro cosplayer at New York Comic Con!

(cosplayer pictured: MushroomLover)

The Another: Deadman Wonderland spin-off is adorable. I just wish someone would translate it.

(Admin Note: I assume the confessor means crossover? Like, a fanfiction or doujinshi? Well, if anyone knows what they’re referring to, and could link it to me, that would be great, thanks ^w^)

Toto is by far the cutest anime character I have ever seen. EVER.

I ship Yosuga/Toto and I don’t care who knows it.

Hagire has three adopted albino children. I’m seeing a theme, here.

Minatsuki/Ganta almost seems like a healthier relationship than Shiro/Ganta by comparison after Chapter 55.