I was so happy to get the Shiro outfit in Lollipop Chainsaw~! I just hated that they didn’t change Juliet’s hair.

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skeleton-mom asked: Sorry if you've already been corrected on this. But post 64034369273. Funimation didn't censor Chaplin. She wasn't even in the anime. She was a manga exclusive character like some others. I don't know where you're getting that they censored her out of it. :/

"The anime follows the manga closely, with minor changes and excluding some characters, but for the most part, the studio censored the most offensive images, such as organs, human flesh, and transgender characters.” -DMWL Wiki

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I’m pretty sure Chaplin’s the only trans character.

And I’m aware she “wasn’t even in the anime,” that’s exactly what censorship is.

Anonymous asked: Where was Yosuga when 'Toto' first reappeared?

I haven’t finished the manga yet. Can any followers help this anon out?

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I read the whole thing in less than a week and because of that I barely remember anything that happened :/

Minatsuki Takami is my role model.

I bet Shiro’s purple outfit would look amazing in the anime.

I’m aware that to make the anime work they had to cut a lot of arcs and characters, and I don’t really mind it. It works, but I really wish they had kept Chaplin. I just really love her.

(Admin Note: Actually, the Funimation studio censored her because they believed her to be “offensive” and “inappropriate” because she was a transsexual. Transphobic assholes.)

My day was made when I saw a Shiro cosplayer at New York Comic Con!

(cosplayer pictured: MushroomLover)

The Another: Deadman Wonderland spin-off is adorable. I just wish someone would translate it.

(Admin Note: I assume the confessor means crossover? Like, a fanfiction or doujinshi? Well, if anyone knows what they’re referring to, and could link it to me, that would be great, thanks ^w^)

Toto is by far the cutest anime character I have ever seen. EVER.